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Publication №20

Publication №20

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Rosenberg R. International tendencies in the works of Odessa composers  pdf-ico

Osadchaya S. Evolutionary role of “transition ages” in the development of the orthodox liturgical singing: from authority of a tradition to the phenomenon of authorshippdf-ico

Muravskaya O. Genre and stylistic aspects of the opera by E. Humperdinck "Hansel and Gretel” and the traditions of the german biedermeierpdf-ico

Gribinenko Yu. Polystylistic aspects of composer’s poetics of Alfred Schnittke (on the example of chamber and instrumental works) pdf-ico

O. Sergeeva The problem of interpretation of duma-ballad genre in the second symphony by B. Liatoshynskypdf-ico

Kuchma O. Features of neofolklorism in later works of R. Shchedrin (on the example of the concerto for orchestra no.4 "Round Dances") pdf-ico

Kaplun T. The character of Marfa – schismatic in the opera “Khovanchshina” of M.P.Musorgsky pdf-ico

Tymchenko-Byhun I. The first program miniature of Glinka «Farewell waltz»: autobiographical meanings and Italian musical influence. pdf-ico

Gorelik L. Revisiting genre and style specific nature as well as performing specifity of «Quiet songs» of V.Silvestrov pdf-ico

Yu. Oleynikova "Seven songs" on poems by E. Kuhlman R. Schumann: style and figurative and semantic aspectspdf-ico

Gadetskaya А. Everyday culture in music: interpretive possibilities and methodological perspectives (on the example of the creative biography of M.I. Glinka) pdf-ico

Serenko S. The phenomenon of Moses in music art. Part 2. "Moses" by Rossini, Paganini, Paganini-l.Silvapdf-ico

Gultsova D. Poetics of piano etudes in the french musical culture of XIX - early XX centuriespdf-ico

Emeliianenko M. Principles of stylistic integrity organization of symphonic works of V. Gubarenko pdf-ico

Lisovenko E. Structural and semantic functions of rondo and rondality in instrumental chamber music by A. Schnittkepdf-ico

Lysenko N. «Cantanta tale of the boy who remained unknown» by S. Prokofiev: genre and mythopoetic aspectspdf-ico

К. Nemchenko Implementation of elements of orthodox sacraments and liturgical inheritance in opera (as an example, "The Legend of the invisible city of Kitezh and the maiden Fevronia" by Rimsky-Korsakov) pdf-ico

Shevchenko Т. Stylistic transition of russian piano art of late XIX – early XX centuriespdf-ico

Fedorova А. Academic music in the context of contemporary music subculture: reflections on the evolution of the "classic" in the music everyday life. pdf-ico

Perepelytsia М. Theatricality as the main vector of development in the music of Karmella Tsepkolenkopdf-ico

Chzhan Kai. Temporality as a condition of stylistic characteristic of the later operatic works of R. Strauss: experience of musicological discoursepdf-ico

Ji Yin. Rhetorical origins of recitative forms in opera artwork of C. Monteverdipdf-ico


Zavgorodnyaya G. Semantics of musical language elements as an indicator of differences of western and eastern thinking pdf-ico

Yergiyev I. Creative artistic and theatrical concept of contemporary art "modern-accordion" pdf-ico

Chernoivanenko A. Poetics of "silence" in the musical instrumentalism pdf-ico

Bondar E. Art-style synthesis: interaction of “own” and “strange” in modern choral musicpdf-ico

Skorik А. Violence and the subject in modern audiovisual culture pdf-ico

Oganezova-Grygorenko О. Acmeological consciousness as "operating technique" of autopoiesis system "actor of the musical"pdf-ico

Maryk V. Semantic content of the concept of "memory" in modern musicological poeticspdf-ico

Ionov V. The phenomenon of text in musicology: to the problem of immanent objectivity of musicologypdf-ico

K. Maydenberg-Todorova Improvisation as means of interpreting aleatoric-sonoric compositionpdf-ico

Yakovlev O. Synergy of cultural identities of ukrainian regionspdf-ico

Pototska O. Musical work as a subject of performing interpretation in the context of musicological studiospdf-ico

Regrut V. Peculiaeities of stage impersonation of operatic work: from the opera text to staging interpretationpdf-ico

Vlasenko I. Polyatistic basis of dance symphonizationpdf-ico

Nosulya A. The topic of expectation in the chamber opera by A. Schoenberg and M. Tariverdievpdf-ico

Yezerska H. Genres of the piano music are in the works of the composers of the ХХ of century : to the question about the canonicity of the musical thinking. pdf-ico

Kvasnikova T. «Genre innovations of a chamber and vocal cycle in Lyudmila Samodayeva's creativity (on the example of the cycle «Five Stories about Hnyu»). pdf-ico

Furdui Y. Music rhythm as musicological category. pdf-ico

Batanov V. The universality of musical professionalism in the 20th century and activity of Xiao Yumei. pdf-ico

Perepelytsia O. Origins of diptych genre in the evolution of binary form. pdf-ico

Wang Peng. To the problem of dramatic conventionalityof opera in the light of the dialogic approach. pdf-ico


Povzun L. . Spatial and acoustic aesthetics of intimacy in the instrumental ensemble performances. pdf-ico

Loboda L Functional and semantic properties of the vocal registers in operas of Baroque. pdf-ico

Chyrka I. Creating point orchestral sound as an important part of playing a conductor. pdf-ico

Khoroshavina O. Development in creativity concert Uros Doychinovich as reflection current trends of modern Serbian guitar performance pdf-ico

Sukhanova A. The flute in chamber and ensemble music of french composers of the first half of the 20th сenturypdf-ico

Polkanov A. New genre properties of chamber-vocal music are in work of modern composers. pdf-ico

Khmel N. Harp and bandura: modification and comparative description pdf-ico

Yergiyeva K. Incarnation of archetypal images in piano performing arts / on the example of 10 pieces for piano from the ballet «Romeo and Juliet», op. 75 S. Prokofiev/. pdf-ico

Ayisi. Fifth Piano Concerto by Prokofiev: composite and performing innovationpdf-ico

Bai Quan. Semantic levels opera compositions: vocal-performing aspect operalogy pdf-ico

Zou Wei. New interpretations of the preconditions timbre of trombone in music of the second half of XX – beginning of XXI century. pdf-ico

Yang Wenyan. Transformation of the piano form is in the work of impressionists : about the timbre-register features of the piano play. pdf-ico

Yui Le. Third Sonata in the context of compositor’s creative work of F. Chopin of the 1840-es pdf-ico

Poliakovska S.  From jazz to minimalism: On stylistic features of music for the ballet


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