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Publication №19

Publication №19

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Khay M. Enclosed instrumentarium of kobzar and lyre tradition pdf-ico

Zinkiv I. To the origin and semantics of the term “husly”pdf-ico

Muravskaya O. "Faust" by Charles Gounod within the framework of genre-style mythopoetic specifics of french lyric operapdf-ico

Ionov V. Value-semantic content of modern ukrainian music historiography: dialogical approachpdf-ico

Polyakovskaya S. From idea to implementation: composer's comments (according to the materials of interview with Aleksandr Krasotov)pdf-ico

Skoryk А. Mass media discourse in contemporary research system of culturological fieldpdf-ico

Yakovlev О. Transnational humanitarian projects in synergy of cultural space of ukrainepdf-ico

Kuchma A. Features of style creation in the work of R. Shchedrinpdf-ico

Voronovska О. Renaissance dance culturepdf-ico

Shpak G. Spiritual-semantic and genre-stylistic aspects of oratory by F. Liszt “Christ”pdf-ico

Loboda L. Evolution of traditions of the profesional vocal performance in XVII century (on the example of activities of Beningo de Bacii)pdf-ico

Perepelitsa А. “Diptych” Myroslava Skorika: genre featurespdf-ico

Pokhodzei P. Oleksandr Kolodub school of opera stage directionpdf-ico

Tatarnikova А. «The freeshooter/Der Freischütz» by K.М. Weber in the context of stylistic finding of german musical theatre of the first half of XIX centurypdf-ico

Semkovych V. Forms and formulas in choral music of l.Dychko (on the example of two acapella canta “Seasons of the year” and “Carpathian cantata” )pdf-ico

Mishchuk V. Semantics of the image of Don Quixote in the opera works of J. Massenetpdf-ico

Zou Wei. Classical trends of the development of orchestral music style and J. Haydn’s workspdf-ico



Zavgorodnyaya V. Polyphonic regularities in the aspect of evolution musical thinkingpdf-ico

Osadchaya V. The triad of aesthetic – ethical – fideistic as a fundamental principle of culturepdf-ico

Chernoivanenko A. The concept of "absolute music" in the development of musical instrumentalismpdf-ico

Povzun L. Social and cultural ambivalence of chamber music in instrumental and ensemble genrespdf-ico

Bondar Ye. New sacral music: artistic and style fusion of traditions and novations (latine-speaking aspect)pdf-ico

Gribinenko J. The phenomenon of hypertext as a form of music and the way the mind.pdf-ico

Maidenberg-Todorova K. Aesthetic significance of composer intention into D. Kuorliandski’s aleatoric-sonoristic composition «Wireless technologies».pdf-ico

Kаplun T. Euphrosyne of Polotsk in Old Russianñhurch ñhant and hagiographic tradition.pdf-ico

Regrut V. Structural-semantic peculiarities of opera textpdf-ico

Ilechko M. Theoretical backgrounds of the suite phenomenon study in musicpdf-ico

Perepelitsa M. The principle of theatricality and the forms of its application in musicpdf-ico

Nosulia А. Peculiarities of implementation of artistic and musical and dramatic content in chamber operapdf-ico

Godina I. All humanities prerequisites of studying author’s style in musicpdf-ico

Kuchurevskyi Yu. About genre synthesis “Mass of peace” K. Jenkinspdf-ico

Mazurenko А. The re-intoning as an experience of scientific interpretation of musical ethnic text. To the question of the free pitch musical system.pdf-ico

Zhi Yin. Recitative as a factor of genre and stylistic evolution of opera artpdf-ico

Icy. “New pianoforte” of S. Prokofiev: performance ans composition aspectspdf-ico

Jiang Manni. Signs of cyclicity of the suite “Images” for the pianoforte of Claude Debussypdf-ico



Ergiev I. To the problem of typology of artistic performance stylespdf-ico

Oganezova-Grigorenko O. Socio-cultural aspects of formation of professionalism of the musical artistpdf-ico

Chebotarenko O. Sound as a semantic energy field (on the example of plays from the cycle “musical dedications” by B.M.Filz): performance aspectpdf-ico

Dubrovskaya G. “Do’t think to puzzle out divine secrets…” To the issue of the topic”Return” in the prelude by S.V. Rakhmaninov b-minor оr. 32 no.10.pdf-ico

Kaznacheeva T. Evolution of dancing movement fixation methodspdf-ico

Shevchenko T. Temporal aspects of interpretation of fantastic imaginery in N. Medtner’s piano music of.pdf-ico

Khmel N. The peculiarities of transcription of the harp party for the bandura (on the example of "Concerto for organ or harp and strings orchestra b-dur" by G. F. Handel)pdf-ico

Savenko S. Genesis of competition-festival movement: formation of traditional modelspdf-ico

Khil E. Piano concerto no. 1 by S. Prokofiev as a subject of stylistic multiplicity of performing interpretationspdf-ico

Shvets K. Violin performing art as an important part of modern mass culturepdf-ico

Zhang Kai. Repertoriness as the criteria of modern opera practicepdf-ico

Huang Jia. Stages and factors of the historical development of concertmastership art in the european chamber vocal-clavier musicpdf-ico

Wang Peng. The synthetic nature of opera image in the operas by Mozartpdf-ico

Yu Le.Scriabin's sonata no.8 among recent works of the composer in the named genrepdf-ico

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