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Publication №22

Publication №22

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Zavgorodnyaya G. Creativity of Ukrainian composers in the context of the evolution of musical space.pdf-ico
Muravskaya O. Choir polonaises by O. Kozlovsky in the context of traditions of Alexandrian empire.pdf-ico
Gribinenko G. Cello and fortepiano sonata no. 1 by Alfred Schnittke within the context of evolution of author’s style.pdf-ico
Ostroukhova N. «Women-conductors in the interior of the Odessa opera house» (echo after a century … discoveries… coincidences …).pdf-ico
Batsak К. Riznich Family and Со enterprise in Odesa Italian theatre 1831-1838: the genesis of the opera foreign engagement.pdf-ico
Benderov V. The uniqueness of the heroic character of Radames in «Aida» by G. Verdi as the culmination of the embodiment of the conflict of feelings and duty in opera music.pdf-ico
Mirzoyan Е. Image of Medea in the opera of the same name of L. Kerubini and her performing versions.pdf-ico
Kuzmina A. Y. Olesha’s the three fat men in V. Rubin’s different operatic versions.pdf-ico
Zayats N. Specificity of manifestation of the principle of programmity in the piano cycles by E. Granados and M. Mussorgsky.pdf-ico
Litvinenko E. Spiritual foundations of choir school by K.K. Pigrov and traditions of «Orthodox cantata» in the works of Sergei Taneyev.pdf-ico
Antropova A. Basic directions for the development of Odessa school of composers at the present stage.pdf-ico
Paliychuk A. Current cultural approaches to study of literary and creativity of V. Ivasyuk.pdf-ico
Mishchenko T. Stylistic antinomy «relevant – «irrelevant» in modern poetics of the composers.pdf-ico
Oliinyk O. Musical and instrumental culture of Trylipilian civilization (to reconstruction).pdf-ico
Lu Keting. Provensal «provincialism» in the creativity of Darius Milhaud (based on the material of «Brazil dances» and the 2-nd suit «Scaramouche»).pdf-ico
Li Qing. Vocal miniatures of Claude Debussy of 1890s: new vector of artistic search.pdf-ico
Liu Yuthen. Typological features of the Chinese chamber-vocal lyrics in the light of relevant musicological approaches.pdf-ico


Tyshko S. From experienced commentary to texts of musicians: «slow reading» or «reading with the stops»?pdf-ico
Roshchenko (Averyanova) E. Imperatives and maxims of productive scientific school of I.A. Kotlyarevsky.pdf-ico
Osadchaya S. Phenomenon and concept of canon as a basis of the orthodox liturgical singing tradition: from canonic form to the «spirit of creative work».pdf-ico
Ovsiannikova-Trel А. Eros and Ethos as imaginative dominants and value orientations of musical art.pdf-ico
Мarik V. Conceptual system of modern national musicology.pdf-ico
Vlasenko І. The development of Ukrainian schools of musicology in the context of ideas systemology.pdf-ico
Lapteva A. Genre and style peculiarities of concerto grosso for violin and string orchestra by Iuliia Gomelskaya.pdf-ico
Yergieva О. Emotional intellect of musician-instrumentalist and transitivity of artistic-aesthetical emotions within the terms of performance-communicative situation.pdf-ico
Bobul І. The phenomenon of new academism in modern forms of a pop vocal.pdf-ico
Marushko A. The world of rhythm games of Maurice Ravel.pdf-ico
Lysenko N. S.S. Prokofiev’s spiritual view of life and its projections in choir creative activities.pdf-ico
Stepanova О. London and Viennese interpretations of pianism through the prism of the law of historical synchronization.pdf-ico
Wang Tie. National performing tradition as a basis of opera creative work of G. Verdi.pdf-ico
Wu Huimin. Phenomenon of image-role intoning in opera: hermeneutic aspect.pdf-ico
Du Zhou. The image of the author in the West-European chamber-vocal music of the romantic period.pdf-ico
Ma Shinsing. Categorial basis of musicological study of piano-performing tradition.pdf-ico


Androsova D. Salon tradition in formation of clavier symbolism of pianistic art of S. Rachmaninov – performing musician and composer.pdf-ico
Оganezova – Grigorenko О. Performer’s consciousness self-dialogue as professional-personality factor of autopoiesis.pdf-ico
Fedchun T. Bases of formation of fortepiano concert-performance traditions in Western Ukraine in the context of political socio-cultural processes.pdf-ico
Burkatska T. Some issues of vocal ensemble sonority creation technology.pdf-ico
Dolinskaya L. Children's collective courses in the temporary tradition: ways of interaction of «childhood» and choir singing practice.pdf-ico
Shevchenko T. To a question of performing interpretation piano music of N. Metner.pdf-ico
Tereshyna-Osheka М. Style evolution of the generic form of the string quartet in the creativity of B. Tishchenko.pdf-ico
Pokaz А. On specificity of virtuosity in jazz piano improvisation.pdf-ico
Yergieva E. Interactive cooperation between musician and listeners during the process of concert artistic communication.pdf-ico
Gultsova D. The phenomenon of romantic virtuosity and pianoforte creativity of С. V. Alkan.pdf-ico
Kadantseva N. Aria genre in correction of methodological studies of vocal teaching in a high school.pdf-ico
Zhu Xiaole. The pianoforte cycle by F. Liszt «Christmas tree»: a new concept of children's music.pdf-ico

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