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Important notice for the authors

Important notice for the authors


For publishing in the scientific bulletin "Music Art and Culture" of Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music shall be accepted scientific and scientific-methodological articles that are the result of original research in the relevant fields and meeting the Resolution of the Presidium of HAC of Ukraine "On increasing the requirements for professional publications, listed in HAC of Ukraine" dated 15.01.2003. No.7–05/1.
When executing articles for publication you should observe the following rules:
1. Articles shall be submitted with the written recommendation of the department or Vice-Rector for Research of the University (for degree-seeking students of scientific degree review of the supervisor is mandatory).
2. The scope of the paper – not more than 0.5 printing sheets – that is 12 pages of text (20,000 characters). Manuscript shall be submitted in two copies in Ukrainian or Russian, sequentially numbered. The text should not have stylistic, spelling and syntax errors.
3. The manuscript shall be mandatory accompanied by disk is added with the text typed in text editor "Winword". Font – Times New Roman, 14; interval – one and a half; retreat – 1.27; margis: 2 cm.
The manuscript should have: a) the code of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), b) initials and last name of the author (bold font, italics), c) article title (bold font, capital letters), d) abstract (original language), e) key words f) the main text, g) references (in alphabetical order meeting the requirements of MES of Ukraine), h) summary in three languages with keywords: in Ukrainian (volume 500 characters), Russian (volume 500 characters), English (volume 500 characters) i) full translation of the article text in English j) references in in transliteration
4. On a separate page of the manuscript and a separate file on the disk state full surname, name and patronymic of the author, scientific degree and academic title, position and full official name of the institution where the work was performed, its full postal address, contact telephone number and email address.
5. References shall be executed in square brackets. For example, [15, p. 12], where the first digit indicates the number of the source of the reference, and the second 6. – the page. Out-of-line notes are unwanted.
6. References should include only cited in the article published literature published in alphabetical order with indication of surname and initials, full title (of the book, magazine), indication of surnames and initials of editor-compiler (or chairman of editorial board), place of publication and publisher (for books), year of publication, volume, edition (number) pages ("from-to" – for journals and collections).
7. The words and terms in the languages that use the Latin or Greek characters shall be printed.
The materials not meeting these requirements, shall not be accepted for consideration.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to remove materials from publication if the theme, scientific level and design of article do not meet the requirements of MES of Ukraine for articles.
Manuscripts and electronic media shall not be returned to the authors.

Editorial board.